The Devotions-Why?

For years, as I have continued to build my relationship with God, have raised my two sons, and been moved to work with fathers and help them reconnect with their kids. I have been looking for a good devotional for fathers. I just haven’t found one I like. They have been too shallow, too general, and just not applicable. So I made it my mission to create a devotional for dads. I want it to be doable: short enough for them to complete despite a busy schedule. I want it to be educational: helping them in their walk with Christ. I want it to be convicting: helping them realize and celebrate the positives in their lives, but also recognize and repair the negatives. I want it to be a father-son project: sharing the time, their experiences, their values, and their wisdom with their children.

With that, here comes the work. I welcome all feedback from everyone willing to read and go along this journey with me. Please subscribe to this blog, try the devotions, and leave comments with your thoughts. I am looking for help with the writing, the Biblical truths, the application…everything.

I believe it’s a father’s role to lead his family, in a loving and humble way. I understand that some families do not have a father present. My prayer is that that family is fortunate enough to have other male role models for the children. I also recognize the importance moms have in raising their children. This project is in no way diminishing the value of moms and what they do on a daily basis. I obviously cannot speak to being a mom. I welcome feedback from moms as well though.

Thank you for considering joining me on this journey. Let’s make a difference in the world together.


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